Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

I effing give up when it comes to cell phones.

Wednesday my dad asks if I can order my sister a new prepaid phone from My dad doesn't believe in bank accounts and I'm the only person in the family that actually has a bank account with a positive balance, so I agree.

The phone came in today. According to the little pamphlet, it says call this 1-888 number, follow the directions, and then call the *228 and it should work.

So I call...and it automatically directs me to a customer service person. (Here's some good service) She credits back the $1.50 for the two days the phone was in shipping and tells me to go ahead and dial the *228 and the phone should work.

So I dial...nope. Error. I call Alltel again. This time the woman tells me that I need to activate it online. So I try that. When I enter in the HEX number, I get an error that says call customer service.

So I call customer service AGAIN. I give the guy the HEX number and he tells me that he can't activate it because "Alltel doesn't own the rights to activate this phone". He tells me that he can connect me to a different department and they'll activate it for $35 (what the eff??? Hell no) or I can take time out of my day and take it to a store (and wait forever because their lines are ridiculous on the weekend) and have them exchange it for a different one.

WTF? So now I have to listen to a whiny teenager bitch at me for another 24 hours because I can't get around to dealing with her phone until tomorrow. I've also got my mother breathing down my neck about it. Exfreakinscuse me. It isn't my fault. *sigh* I know the last part isn't "bad service", but yeesh.
Tags: phone phun, phone service
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