This is the diary of Laura Palmer. (mordant) wrote in bad_service,
This is the diary of Laura Palmer.

Hospital WTF

So my mother was finally booked in to have a metal plate removed from her (left) hand today (she had shattered her wrist a couple years previous).

I didn't get there till after she got back from OT, but she relayed this story to me.

Admissions nurse comes in with two patient files. Gives her a wristband, and an ankle band. My mother glances down and says "that's not my name. This *shakes wrist* is my correct name and details."

Yeah, she got two different bands. But it gets better.

The nurse apparently says... "are you sure?"

Like she wouldn't know her own name. Nurse cuts off the ankle band and makes up a band which matches her wristband.

But it gets better.

Resident doctor comes in with a sharpie pen, makes to draw on her RIGHT ANKLE, and says "Okay, Mrs (notname), we're going to check your ankle before you go into surgery."

Apparently my mother, a little shocked and nervous, meekly raised her left wrist and said "..uhh... no...."

This hospital has a good reputation, so I'm kind of annoyed they took an already-nervous woman and terrified her with sheer fucking INCOMPETENCE immediatly prior to her surgery.

FYI, surgery went okay, and her ankle didn't end up being randomly operated on.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, first do no harm?
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