Jennifer (buran) wrote in bad_service,

Chase sucks (edited-for-angry-swearing version of rant from my journal)

After someone charged some software to my Chase card back in January, I disputed it and was credited the money back. I got a new card with a new number and thought that was the end of it.

Yeah. Right.

I just had another $600 or so in fraudulent charges show up on my credit card, all dated early/mid Feb., less than three months after getting a new card issued because of the LAST fraudulent charge that showed up on the card!

I disputed them all, of course (four I spotted right away, one the rep pointed out to me after saying she personally had gotten four complaints about the geneaology service in question) and am not going to be charged for them.

DO NOT GET A CREDIT CARD FROM CHASE -- they are INCAPABLE of keeping this crap from happening and will apparently gleefully let anyone and their dog get ahold of your BRAND NEW CREDIT CARD NUMBER within WEEKS.

(I obsessively pull my credit report from time to time and it's fine, as always, but you bet your ass I'm slapping a fraud alert on it now.)

I am seriously considering opening a new credit card account somewhere else (I have gleaming credit; I should have no problem getting a Discover or something) and not using this one. An $8000 (roughly) credit limit does me no good if some jerk keeps running it up.

And I can't cancel the artificially-inflated payment I sent to Chase to cover the charges because it already processed through bill pay. (I have strict rules with myself to always pay off credit cards IN FULL every month, so I followed my rule, assuming there wouldn't be a problem this soon... yeah right).

No wonder my budget is busted for the month. And I have to ship out my current ipod to my buyer; I was GOING to put the charge for the new iPod photo on the Chase card... and then I discovered this mess. I suppose I could go ahead and do it anyway since there's plenty of overhead left ... or I could bludgeon the jerk who did this with the ipod.

Or maybe I'll just buy it with my Bank of America card, which also has tons of breathing room.

Again, don't go with Chase. They're incompetent morons. And if they let this happen again, I'm not going to just complain and get the charges reversed. I'm going to tell them I'm leaving and not recommending them to anyone I know.
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