Ben. (fast_over_maps) wrote in bad_service,

This happened a week or so ago at a grocery store.
I went to get some stuff to make dinner and on the way out I felt like picking up a 6 pack of beer. So I bring all my stuff to the register and there was one person in front of me- I put the beer on the edge of the runway thing and the cashier asks "who's beer is that?" I say it's mine and I already know she doesn't believe I'm of age to buy it. This happens to me all the time- I know I look young and I am short for a dude but I'm turning 23 in 2 months..
So I get up there and she asks for my ID and I give it to her.
She glances at it for about .5 seconds and laughs and says "This isn't you! This isn't real because the edges don't come up like this." I didn't really know how to respond so I just said "...Well I'm 22..."
She continues to laugh in my face and says "It's ok, just don't ever come to my register again" and proceeds to ring me up for the beer. I was severely embarrassed by this point and I don't really say anything else. I go to grab my bags and the bag boy laughs at me and says "Are you sure you're old enough to drink this, buddy?"
I was very close to saying "FUCK YOU!!!!!!" but I just said "yes, I'm 22" and left.
Now... I really wouldn't have minded if she said she wasn't going to sell it to me, but instead she patronized me and made me feel like an idiot.

I wrote the company an email (First time I've ever, ever complained about bad service) and the manager called me a few times and told me that the woman "No longer works here"

I felt sort of bad, but I'm guessing what she did was technically illegal if she didn't believe my age...
Tags: everyone here looks like a fetus, my boo is fly lol, weight wank
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