Gamerboi (gaymerboi) wrote in bad_service,

Amazon, why do you taunt me so?

I pre-ordered both Ratchet and Clank Future and Dragons Age: Origins the Collectors Edition. For some reason, they both came up as the expected ship date is 4 weeks after the game is to come out. For Ratchet and Clank, I just canceled the order a few days before it came out, pre-ordered it again, and the expected ship date changed to the day it came out (its still in the mail, but at least it shipped on time).

I can't do that with Dragon's Age, as the collectors edition is no longer available for sale. I email amazon, and they told me all I can do is cancel and order it from an Amazon Seller... except 1) the Amazon Sellers have the price listed as $50 more than my pre-order from Amazon and 2)I would no longer get the pre-order bonus items.

I pre-ordered this MONTHS before it was to come out! Did you not realize you had too many pre-orders for this beforehand? Also, why didn't I get an email or something informing me of this fact and the fact that even tho I pre-ordered the game that you aren't going to ship it to me until almost a month after it is out?
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