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the other night I went to Wal-Mart with my mom to pick up some stuff we needed around the house. she bought groceries & the like, and I purchased a bottle of wine & some raspberry sorbet separately.

we get up to our cashier, A, and my mom greets him with a pleasant "Hey how are you?" to which she gets no reply, no nod, not even the flicker of eye contact. he silently rings up her items and bags them horribly.. putting bread with a heavy jug of juice, two 2 liter sodas together in one plastic bag, etc. I had to go behind him and re-bag half of her stuff. he finishes ringing her up and doesn't even tell her the total.. she hands him cash, and as he's counting it she goes "can I give you two pennies so I can get back exact change?" A yet again refuses to speak, and instead nods his head no. my mom didn't see this gesture (as she was getting the pennies out of her purse) and when she goes to hand him the pennies, he slams them down in his register and gives her back change. as she's putting her wallet back in her purse, he holds out her reciept for about 2 seconds, gets impatient, and slams that, too, down on the counter.

okay.. my turn. A rings up my items and didn't ask me for I.D. I am 22 years old, I look 22 years old, and the law around here is if someone looks younger than 40, you must ask to see I.D. he didn't even look up at me once.. he just looked down at the scanner and punched in some random numbers that were supposed to be my date of birth. he bags my items and thrusts them at me along with the receipt. I forced a smile and said "thank you, have a great night" and - huge surprise here - he again, completely ignored us.. didn't even give me a "mm-hm" or a "you too" or even eye contact.

as we walked away I turned to my mom, who was behind me, and said LOUDLY - 2 feet away from the cashier - "I guess it's too much to ask for to receive some friendly service".

maybe not the worst service evaaaar, but c'mon.. whether you hate your job or not, can't you just at least acknowledge someone's existence? isn't that the polite way to treat another person?

ETA: I decided to call the 1-800 number just now, and I gave them the numbers on my receipt & the woman I spoke with said it would be taken care of [as far as him selling alcohol without checking for I.D.]
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