Alice B Goode (aballard23) wrote in bad_service,
Alice B Goode


Dear Lovely McDonald's Drive-Thru Girl,

You were so polite. Thanks. I just got off work and people who don't hate their life and everyone around them is nice to see sometimes! However, we have some minor issues that will be addressed tomorrow afternoon. I hope the service in the future improves!

Firstly, when you tell me first window.. I will pull up to the first window. I am sure this was a mistake. Either that or your accent simply made it hard to understand 'first' versus 'second'. I do not know.

Secondly, you have to ask me after I've ordered, what kind of cheese? Why did you not remember this first? Not a BIG issue, but I believe it to tie into the one we will soon have below!

I do not expect, after all this, to drive away and to my house (all of 3 blocks away, MAYBE a 5 minute drive with a traffic light wait!), and have a fully-cooked box of cold, super-salted fries. Not only that, but my burger has no cheese. Wtf? Thanks for at least taking off the tomato. :(

I love this McDonald's, they hardly disappoint ever so I'm sure I'll be back.. I was expecting good service though, since, you know, she was.. friendly and nice?

Ff. >/
Tags: *fast food
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