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Hi, everyone. Newbie here.

I think I'll start with a short, but annoying person I've come across.

I was in a Michael's (craft store, for those of you who may not know) and brought my items to the register. It was then I noticed that the cashier needed some serious work on his customer skills. First, there was no greeting. Not even a hi. Just starts swiping the goods. Okay, fine. So I'm waiting for him to finish. Then he pauses and gets this mischievous look on his face and PICKS UP THE PHONE (no, it wasn't ringing). Thinking there may have been a problem he didn't bother to inform me of, I patiently wait.

Then the phone rings at the cashier's counter directly behind me. The girl picks it up, and he starts talking to her. Apparently, their conversation was personal, so he was talking in a barely audible voice. The whole time, he hasn't finished my transaction. A few seconds later, he puts the phone down, grinning like some sort of overachieving Casanova and finishes up the transaction. He mumbles the total at me while his little girlie is giggling.

Okay. What.the.fuck. It's one thing to be shy/anti-social. I understand some people aren't graced with good social skill and that's fine. But DO YOUR JOB. Don't stop in the middle of ringing me out to make a phone call to a cashier RIGHT BEHIND ME. Furthermore, if this IS absolutely necessary (which I highly doubt, since a span of five feet separates you two), DO NOT talk about personal crap. Go to your break room, asshole. Your lack of tact and courtesy is disgusting.

The little cretin even messed up my sister's transaction. He run up three packs of paper instead of two, mostly because he was too busy leering at the girl he'd called to pay attention to what the hell he was doing. My sister was nice enough to just look at him with an annoyed expression and say, "Shall I just get another?" He mumbled something and nodded.

I should have said or done something. Shame on me!
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