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So my friend Judy and I were eating at the Golden Grill Mongolian Grill in Bremerton, WA.

After an underwhelming and lackluster dining experience, we paid and visited for a few minutes when Judy screamed becase she saw a HUGE FREAKING RAT!!!

We called the waitress over and told her we saw a rat. She said it was ok, because the health department already knows about it.

She was very dismissive. We said it was NOT ok, it was disgusting, and we wanted a refund for the food we ate. She said no can do, call back tomorrow. I explained we lived about an hour away and wouldn't be in Bremerton again any time soon. So she called over the bartender.

The three of us stood around talking about this.

Judy and I took the position that rats were gross, and we wanted a refund, and we didn't care what the health department already knew.

EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION#1: We did not want money back for the drinks, only the food.

EDIT FOR CLARIFICATION#2: We did ask for an owner/manager and were told to call back tomorrow. We don't live nearby, so we given the bartender.

The rats (now plural, one was bigger and darker) took the position of running back and forth and around the restaurant.

The waitress tried to hug us and give us 5$. Ummm...no.

The bartender alternately denied the rats, accused us of being wasted because she poured us some super strong, 10$ Bahama Mamas that we didn't even drink, they were so nasty.

Then she said they were her pets and she played with them before making our drinks. (glad we only took a sip)

All in all, the rats weren't my major concern. It was the attitude, the lack of empathy and being treated like we were trying to scam them.
Tags: dialogue seems slightly... exaggerated, disbelieving horde demands proof, this can only end in beers, totally not about rats
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