Serviceable High Mileage 00 (zombieandgrits) wrote in bad_service,
Serviceable High Mileage 00


My cellphone snapped in half yesterday. I stupidly didn't purchase insurance for it and I only qualified for a partial upgrade but, I needed a new phone immediatley so I figured "what the hey?" and decided to go all out for an upgrade to a spankin' new Blackberry. I called my mobile company's customer service and they informed me that I would have an extra 30$ slapped onto my phone bill and all the Blackberry bells and whistles and I agreed to it all. Then she told me the best news. I could go into a store, drop 100$ towards the purchase of the phone and pay off the rest little by little on my next couple of bills. This sounded fantastic so I ran to the store to get it and that's where things started getting ugly.

I went in, told him what I wanted to do and he was like "OK! Let's get you going!"
I was ready to swipe my card when he told me that there was a problem. We both talked to customer service and they said I just needed to pay 200$ in store and they would bill me the rest. NO PROBLEM! I'm getting ready to swipe AGAIN when he stops me.

"These phones aren't that great and I don't think you should buy it here. A loaner phone is just a 50$ deposit and you can use it for 2 weeks or, until you get a new phone. I recommend Craigslist or Ebay. I mean I wouldn't have a problem selling the phone to you, I just don't like ripping people off with crappy phones."

Umm what? I'm sorry. I appreciate that he wanted to save me some cash but I don't really feel comfortable with "Loaner" phones. I had one once and it saved all the texts I got and then some asshole used that info to harass my friends. I tried to explain this and that I just wanted the new phone but he kept telling me to check the internet first. I gave up and left and ended up using an old phone one of my friends found and ordering the phone I wanted from the companies website. Am I over reacting or am I justified in being a bit angry about this? He basically wasted a half an hour of my time arguing with me over making a purchase with him.
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