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Almost 2 months ago, the remote to my DVD player/surround sound broke.
I called Sony to order a new one. I ordered it in mid-September. The man told me it was on back-order, and to go ahead and give them my card number, and it would be charged to my card when it shipped.
I said okay, fine. The remote was charged to my card on October 9th, but I never recieved a conformation e-mail.
It;'s now November 1st and I don't have my remote.
I called them back this morning 
The first person I talked to said he couldn't locate my order at all. He wanted the order number, which i never recieved because i never recieved a conformation e-mail. He wanted to transfer me to a different department.
Whatever. Go ahead.
He transfers me, only to find this second person can't find my order either. He also wanted my order number, which I didn't have. At this point, I am somewhat peeved. 33 dollars on my card and you can't find my order?
 The second customer service representative tranfers me to a third person. This third person transfers me as well. He can't figure out what my order is. He transfers me to one last department.
She finally figures out what my order was and tells me it shipped on OCTOBER 16TH, I tell her I don't have the remote. She says "Well, it was left beside your front door." Hmmm... like it won't get stolen by my front door? "Well, I don't have it." "Hold on a minute, let me process this." I was left on hold for 5 minutes while she "processed" my replacement remote. By the time she was back, I was really mad. But she said they would send me a replacement remote.. it would take 7-21 days. So i may be waiting 3 more WEEKS for my remote that I should have had a month ago? And why did it take 4 people to find my order? It's not a hard concept. I just want my freaking remote so I can stop running my DVD/Surround Sound by hand. At this point, I am considering calling them back and asking for a refund to my card. If I don't recieve the remote this time, I will. 


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