I am not Herbert! (tnjade) wrote in bad_service,
I am not Herbert!

It's gotten to a point where you expect certain things from drive-thru fast-food restaurants. I accept that Krystal will put onions on my burgers when I ask them not to. I accept that Sonic will sometimes forget the ranch for the Cheddar Poppers. I even accept that Taco Bell will forget to put an entire half of the order in the bag. I did not expect what happened at McDonald's the last two times we went.

My fiancé and I went to McDonald's last week. We had a simple order: number 2 with coffee, cinnamon roll, and three egg McMuffins. The drive-thru worker read it back correctly and we confirmed. When we got to the window, however, we didn't get the 3 egg McMuffins. I read the receipt: instead of egg McMuffins, she rang up 3 equals. I searched the bag again: they'd even forgotten to put the equals in the bag. No biggie, as we were still in the parking lot. I went inside and got the egg McMuffins, but kept the receipt for laugh value.

Cut to this week:
We go to McDonald's for breakfast again. This is best described in a transcript form.

E = Fiancé; ordering breakfast
W1 = worker
W2 = worker
M = manager

W1: May I take your order?
E: Yeah, I'd like a number 2, a number 12, and two egg McMuffins.
*silence, 30 seconds*
W1: What would you like to drink with the number 2?
E: Coffee, please.
*silence for 2-3 minutes...complete, unbroken, odd silence*

W2: May I take your order?
E: You just did. We're waiting for a total.
W2: *silence* Oh, I think she got confused with your order. What would you like?
E: A number 2 with coffee, a number 12, and two egg McMuffins.
W2: So that's a number 2 with coffee, one egg McMuffin, and a spicy chicken sandwich? Keep in mind...they won't be serving any spicy chicken sandwiches for another two hours.
E: No. It's a number 2 with coffee, a number 12, and two egg McMuffins.
W2: *brief silence* I think you should come to the first window.
E: *drives to the first window*

M: What's your order?
E: *repeats order again*
W1: So...?
M: Yeah, that's right.
E: *hands over money, drives to second window, receives bag*
Me: *checks the bag, sees that we have three sandwiches, hash browns, coffee, and a platter*

So, we drive home, glad that that's over, and laughing over the surrealness of it all.

He opens the platter (hotcakes and sausage platter) and we see that they've...forgotten the sausage.
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