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Follow up, with good ending

So, I tried a different email, the one on the webpage (yes, it had changed, and suddenly this one worked!)

Follow up to this entry.

I have an outstanding order with your company (11622) and it has never gotten to me. I've noticed that the webpage and contact info contained within has changed. I'm trying to, at this point, get a refund, as I've had an impossible time getting information or anything from anyone. I would like to cancel my order (two months late, and twice shipped with no answers provided) and I'd really like a refund at this juncture. I understand things like a backlog, but taking a week or more to respond to me? I've never gotten an answer to what address it was shipped to, it took three tries to even get what service it was coming by, and I've had one of the WORST experiences EVER in ordering online. Please, I just want a refund.

I got a response in two days. Considering that it has taken up to two weeks for them to respond, I was most pleased with the response.

"I have never ever had this much trouble with an order :/

I am doing the refund right now, and itll be back on your card in a few days."

Refund! Thank you to everyone here for the help and support through this. I've never had something like this happen and you guys rocked.

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