Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

I went to the DMV to renew my car's registration and get new license plates. Since I wanted new ones rather than to renew my old ones, I needed to do it in person, because the website was going to make me pay more. The man at the counter copped a huge attitude and told me that I could only get new plates online because the particular specialty plate I wanted isn't available at that location. I don't understand why that's an issue- they'd mail it to me anyway, right? Anyway, this guy argued with me for a while. He'd halfway explain something, ask if I understood in a condescending manner, and when I said no, please explain it fully, he sighed and rolled his eyes. Finally he said he'd go get a supervisor. While he walked away, I opened my Turandot score (Puccini opera) back up and continued with my notes because he was gone for a few minutes (that's not b_s- I fully understand that he had to wait for a supervisor to be available), and when he came back, he was saying what impressive music it was and what did I play. I said I sang, and he started asking for CDs and telling me about the time he met Jennifer Lopez in the DMV and what a bitch she was.

Anyway, the supervisor looked at my form, asked what license plate I wanted, and told him to go ahead. He said he couldn't do it, and I was all confused, and then he asked if I'd bring a CD by. He kept asking, so I finally said sure, whatever, and then he said he'd go ahead and do my transaction. I was not amused.
Tags: huh?

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