purplemewit (purplemewit) wrote in bad_service,

Argh, banks

This is kind of a general gripe, but:

Can someone tell me what is so hard about converting change to cash at banks? Both Harris and Chase have given me shit over it, and I'm tired of it.

Just today at Chase, I went in with about a total of $20 in rolled change. One full of quarters, couple nickels, and a dime roll. In paper.

I go to the counter, and tell the woman what I need, and drop the rolls into the little tray under the class. She tells me they don't accept rolled change. The difference between loose change and rolled change is bits of paper and 15 seconds of effort. (They're not the sealed ones business get from banks, it's the ones you fold the ends around the change, so they're easy to open.) I'm halfway through asking her for something to put them in when I answer the usual "Do you have an account here?" question. Then she repeats that they dont' take rolled change.

Then I tell her that the last time I was there, (an awesome experience to be sure) I came with mixed loose and rolled change, and the teller handled it. I didn't see why there was a problem. Then she told me that we didn't have a problem this time. Are we having the same conversation?

Then I find out they don't have whatever slips they need. The other teller tells her they have something else they can use, turns out to be the same slips from another branch, they just need to change the location code on them. Whatever, she gives me a cheesy envelope to put the change in, and then goes to process it. She then drops the cash unceremoniously into the tray under the glass, and doesn't even say good bye in the time it takes me to put the cash away and leave the window. Even after I still thank her, despite the logical and politeness issues.

Now I understand why businesses won't take rolled change, because people can put tubes of metal in a paper roll and put a coin on either end to make it look legit, they take forever to count, etc. But at a bank where they, A) will know that trick is being used immediately when they open the rolls to feed them into a machine, and B) they count by said machine, I don't see why it's always such a hassle.
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