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Eat In Turned Into Take Out

This happened at our local favorite pizzeria.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, this is a copy of the review that I posted to Yelp! which I think does a pretty good job of explaining the bad service on the part of the waitress.

I am rating it with only one star, not because of the pizza--which was excellent--but because of the poor service we experienced during our last visit there. 

Let me preface this by saying that we have eaten there many times in the past and have always been satisfied with the service, but during our most recent trip there the service absolutely dismal.  The owner/manager was not on the premises, which he has always been every other time we have eaten there, and I have to wonder if that had anything to do with the attitude of the waitress.

Shortly after we sat down and our order had been taken, one of the waitresses went over to the front door and propped it open.  One of the customers seated by the door went over to the door to shut it, as it was cold out and an uncomfortable draft was coming in from the door.  She went over, propped it open again and asked him not to shut it, because the cook was very hot in the kitchen--all the way at the other end of the restaurant.  We were also close to the door, which normally would not be an issue for us if the door were not open. 

I asked her if we would be expected to eat our entire meal with the door propped open.  She again repeated the issue about the cook.  I asked her if those patrons closest to the door were simply expected to freeze. (ETA for LJ readers: I tried to be as polite as possible under the circumstances while asking her this.) It's unfortunate that the conditions in the kitchen might have been such that the cook felt warm, but he is working in the kitchen after all and hot conditions should be expected. 

She shut the door, but copped an immediate attitude coming by our table afterwards saying "you're welcome".   Her attitude and service from that point on was limited to pretty much bringing us our food and that was it, no asking how it was, if we had everything, did we need or want anything else.  She was doing so with the other tables, so it was clear that her basically ignoring our table stemmed from us asking her to shut the door.

About halfway through our first slice of pizza, she once more propped the door open again.  When we asked her if she planned on keeping it open, she said, well, other people are complaining that it's too hot, and that she would be keeping it open for a couple of minutes.  As far as I know, the only person complaining about it being too hot was the cook.

After about 10 minutes with the door propped open, we decided we had had enough and asked for a to-go box.  She told us that she was shutting the door or she could move us to a table in the back away from the door--near the supposedly too hot kitchen--but we told her that our meal had been ruined (only 2 slices into the pizza) and to pack it to go.

Based on this experience, I would not go back there for table service, but would limit myself to take out only in the future.
(ETA: Just in case it is not clear, the owner manager was not there, nor was there any other manager to complain to, since he's it.  Tonight it was just the two waitresses, bartender, and the guy manning the pizza oven.  Also, we probably should have left the second she started giving us attitude, but at that point, we had already had our salads and the pizza was in the oven.)



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