A barbarian schoolgirl who dates pigeons (yui_hime) wrote in bad_service,
A barbarian schoolgirl who dates pigeons

To the artist Reapersun at Gaia Online:

To the artist Reapersun at Gaia Online:

It's bad enough that your evolving murder-mystery creation, "The Case of Pietro" is now at least two weeks behind schedule on its second transformation (third stage), if not three. Users have shelled out $7.50 a pop for your pixel artwork, and you're not delivering.

That alone would not earn you a post here. You've got other projects: updates to the comic storyline, art for the MMO, character designs for the new shops, and at least two other evolving items. A little lag on the Case, while definitely poor service and poor planning, is understandable.

Mocking the users who have complained about it, however, is fucking rude.

Understandable as your delay was, these people did have a reason to complain. You did not inform them there would be a lapse in the schedule. They wanted the artwork they'd paid for, or they wanted a good explanation why there wasn't any. Instead, you got cute with them.

You are a wonderful artist, but this is extremely unprofessional.

ETA: Since the time of this post, it's become apparent that Reaper was making fun of herself for the delays, not her customers for complaining about them as I had initially assumed. As the saying goes, "to assume is to make an ass of u and me".

I'd like to retract this rant and apologize for posting with a bad complaint.
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