Icarus (little_luna_cat) wrote in bad_service,

What's my age again?

A recent post here reminded me of some bad service that happened to me this summer.

I was at the liquor store picking up some beer for the weekend. I grab what I want, head to the front with my ID ready, and hand it to the lady when it gets to be my turn.

She looks at the ID, looks at me, and just stares. I thought maybe she was just comparing me to the picture on the ID, so I gave her a cheesy smile and waited.

Instead, she tells me in a really haughty tone, like she had just caught me red-handed, "I can't sell you any beer. You're only 20 years old."

I thought that maybe she had read it wrong or something, so I pointed at the ID and said "Oh, I'm actually 24. I was born in 1985."

Still looking pleased with herself, she told me "1985. That would make you 20 years old."

We stared at each other for a while, because I wasn't sure what to say, but then I thought "could you type it into your computer just to make sure? I think it tells you if the date makes me underage, right?"

She rolls her eyes at me, but she does it. Of course, nothing comes up. She stares for a second before asking me to slide my credit card to pay. She looked pretty sheepish, and I figured it had just been a long day for her, so I just let it go and go to grab my stuff.

Then, as I'm turning to leave, she tells me "Next time, you should make it more obvious"

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