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My mom and I went to Krogers last night, just picking up some snacks. My mom from out of town, and is one of the most generous people I know. She was not feeling good at all last night, so when this happened, she wanted to snap.

Me - Wonderful and beautiful
Mom - My wonderful and beautiful mother
IC - Idiot Cashier
HB - Helpful bagger

Mom: I'd like to pay with Visa please
IC: Wanna buy a shamrock for MD for a dollar?
Mom: No thank you *swiping card with a smile*
IC: What, too good to buy a shamrock?
Mom and Me: *gape*
IC: Or do you just not like to give to charity or something?

It was a moment of jaw hit floor for me and mom...especially because this kid doesn't even know us...I'm a freaking volunteer firefighter and my mom's a red cross worker. We don't volunteer money, we volunteer time. Who the hell is that kid. Then it goet even better.

IC: So I see you didn't laugh at my joke
Mom: *glare*
IC: See, everyone who comes through my line gets that kind of ribbing.
HB: What are you talking about?
Mom: He's just warning me to never come through his line again.
IC: It was just a joke.
Me: It wasn't funny...we're obviously not laughing.

I have to say that it just, insulted me to no end to be talked to like we think we're better than everyone else because we didn't want to buy a freaking shamrock. It may seem like just a dollar to some, but to us that can be a lot of money. It doesn't give the cashier the right to do that, with more attitude than I've ever heard come out of someone's mouth. I think we might have gotten him in trouble with the night manager, but you just don't talk to people like that, you know?
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