sn00zebutton (sn00zebutton) wrote in bad_service,

In the not-so-distant future three days ago...

This is more humorous than horrible. Also I find it funny that both of my posts on here involve beer:

I bring a six-pack of Harvest Moon up to a register, have my ID and debit card out, hand it to the lady when necessary, and she enters my birthdate to confirm that I am, in fact, of legal age to purchase alcohol. Or not. She is prompted not to sell it to me, and I ask why. She informs me that I am "underage" (I'm twenty-three).

She then reads the "birthdate" on my ID: "It says here you were born on August 17, 2010."

So I laugh, thinking she's joking around by reading the expiration date instead of my birthday. Sadly, she was being serious. She entered my expiration date as my birthdate, and didn't realize she had made a mistake. I found it too funny to be irritated, and just replied, "Yeah, I came from the future to buy alcohol."

She didn't quite get the joke, but I take my ID back, and show her the error. I now buy my beer from a local liquor store where they know me by name. 
I didn't think I was vague, but I guess I ought to clarify: I bought  the alcohol that night from this particular vendor. After pointing out the mistake, and actually telling this lady my birthday (twice), the situation was fixed and I went on my way.  I find it a little unsettling that a cashier who is responsible for checking IDs couldn't see where the error was in the statement, "You were born in 2010."

Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, it's only bad service if you die, liquor/tobacco/id cards, this can only end in beers
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