kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

(sorta) witnessed Greyhound bad service.

about two weeks ago I journeyed downtown to pick up a friend who traveled 21 hours via Greyhound bus from New Jersey to visit me here in Florida. after I pick her up, we're walking out and one of her fellow passengers, an older woman, comes up to her and is clearly distraught.. she asks if my friend will talk to a manager with her to recount an incident that happened on the bus.

apparently what happened is that during this very long bus ride, the woman fell asleep and began to snore loudly, due to sleep apnea. She stated that there wasn't a spot on the bus for her to plug in her machine (that helps the condition, I'm assuming) and that she tried to not snore so loudly but she was exhausted and it couldn't be helped. she was sitting right behind the bus driver, and at one point - without warning - the bus driver literally kicks this lady in the leg, and tells her to "shut up, you're bothering me."...o.O WAT. my friend verified that it really went down just like that, and I'm sorry but I think that is an utterly ridiculous way to treat a passenger of your bus, let alone just another person in general. I understand the need to not have loud noises on the bus, and I'm all for that policy.. but did she really need to physically kick the lady in the leg and tell her to shut up? the poor lady was so embarrassed as she told the story to a Greyhound employee at the station [who btw clearly couldn't care less] that she started crying. :( I felt bad for her.
Tags: bus liner/greyhound
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