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Bad dentist, bad ):

So, I just had a situation like temalyen . 4:50, expecting the dentist office to be open for another 10 minutes, I call to ask about getting them to fix work they did on my teeth.

Secretary: "Hi, TheLocalDentist office, how can I help you?"

Me; "Hi, I was just calling to get an appointment to fix some work done on my teeth, from about two weeks ago?"

Secretary: "Okay, hold on." *click*

Answering Service Lady: "Hi, TheLocalDentist answering service."

Me: "........... WHUT? What time did they close?"

Answering Service Lady: "4:50"

So the secretary in the dental office answered the phone, then transferred me to the answering service. Once I get the job they did on my teeth fixed, I'm going to be switching dentists. ):

ETA: I'm darn sure they're usually open until 5, which is why I thought 10 minutes would be plenty of time to schedule an appointment. ):

(For any of you who go to my livejournal and go, UH what? The OP's new, must be a troll - I'm not, I just don't want to bother writing private journals. xD)
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