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Long overdue update of this entry:
In December of last year, I started having Sciatica in my left leg. It was getting hard to walk or move because of the pain, so I finally broke down and went to an orthropedic surgeon. His name was Dr. Galyon of East Memphis Orthropedic.
He told me it was most likely a pinched nerve and gave me prescription to cortisone. That didn't work, so he ordered an MRI. While he treated me poorly there (basically implied that I was just SO BIG that I would need an open MRI. The nurse rolled her eyes and said he was a moron), at the time, it didn't seem like that big a deal. I just wanted answers and I was closer to them, so I dealt. Got the MRI done. Results come back as Degenerative Disc Disease.
This is where things start to suck.
He basically tells me to lose weight and hands me pain pills. He then schedules me for an Epidural Lumbar Block, which I got done in May. Everything was great pain wise (until recently, but that's a whole other matter), so I was pleased overall. After I got that done, though, he suddenly didn't care about anything I was telling him. Whenever I would mention a new symptom (like this strange twitching in my arms and legs), he would just dismiss it. I would tell him about weakness in my legs (which is kind of, you know, important when you're dealing with the spine), he said it was probably diabetes. Yeah, no. I know I'm overweight, but I'm not stupid. I get checked out regularly for that and I have never had high blood sugar. I tell him this and he just ignores it. I get checked out and I was right. It wasn't diabetes. He still ignores me. At this point, it's obvious that I need a new doctor. I know that. I just needed to see him one more time so I could get my medication and start looking for a new doctor.
The last visit I had with him took the cake though.
I had gone with my mom (I can't drive, so she was taking me. And moral support, because I can't speak up for myself at all.) and while she was parking the car, I was already in his office. The second he comes in, he looks at my chart and says "Let's discuss your new MRI results."
Huh? "I don't have any new results. We already talked about those 2 months ago..."
"Oh, yeah. You had Degenerative Disc and a ruptured disc."
"No, just DDD."
"No, you have a ruptured disc."
"You specifically said 2 months ago that I DIDN'T have a ruptured disc."
"Well, you do. What do you think about surgery?"
"That's not an option."
"Why not? You're a perfect canidate."
"I'm 21. I'm not getting back surgery at 21. I have school. It's not an option."
"The recovery would only take a couple of weeks." (Bullshit, by the way. It would most likely take at least a year.)
"That doesn't matter. It's not an option. I'm not getting surgery."
He's obviously getting annoyed. "I got surgery a couple of years ago and it really helped me."
(Yeah, but you're about 40 years older than me!) "It's just not an option."
At this point, my mom walks in and he completely drops the subject. The rest of the appointment is fine until he leaves to go get something to give to me. I tell my mom what had just happened. She flips.
"He wanted you to get what?!"
He comes back and she is obviously not happy.
"Why does she all of a sudden have a ruptured disc? She didn't 2 months ago. You made a point to tell us that. It's the same results. What changed?"
"She has a ruptured disc."
At this point, my mom uses her "I'm only being polite so I don't choke you voice" that every mom learns at some point.
"How many patients do you have her age that have Degenerative Disc?"
"I have a 17 year old with a ruptured disc."
"That's not what I asked you. *repeats original question*"
"I have a 40 year old."
"That's my point."
We then walked out.
I'm done with this doctor. I'd rather be in agony then go back to him. I'm trying to get an appointment with a new doctor, but I have to send them my records first, which is becoming a pain in and of itself. But, seriously. Never go to this doctor. Ever.
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