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First time post :)

It's my birthday tommorow! Yay! However, I will be working on my birthday so this past Sunday my friends and I decided to go to a small mom-n-pop pizza place local to us. Santino's in Ventura.

There was us and one other group in the entire place. And we weren't large at all, only 6 people. Our order was easy: One pizza that would be shared among everyone and one personal lasagna. We didn't even order a cake. :P

Clean up would have been plenty easy and it's not like we each had 3 different orders with super special requests on each one.

The waitress was... eh. She did her job, but she really made us feel like we were inconveniencing her. Our friend is the type to totally derail a conversation and when she came back to take our order, he tried to cheer her up and say some funny stuff. I forget what he said specifically, but it was super G-rated and I cannot possibly fathom how anyone might get offended by it. The waitress just huffed and rolled her eyes at him. Not even one of those uneasy 'you're-not-funny' chuckles! I doubt she was offended, she just had a bad attitude.

Well, whatever, we tried!

I know that waitresses don't HAVE to come check up on you, but it's always nice cause usually, I do need something. I had a cup of water which was almost empty when she brought the pizza, which I have forgotten to ask for a refill. No big, I'll just wait for her to walk by again...

It was probably at least another 20 minutes, long after my drink was gone, before she even walked back in the room. And again, as I mentioned, there was only two groups in the whole restaurant (The other group was a couple), so I don't think she was busy waiting tables the whole time.

She finally walks back and says, "Oh! Did you want a refill on your water?" I say Yes please! My boyfriend and our other friend had also gotten a water but they did not respond when she offered the refill. She returned carrying 2 waters and hands them to the two guys...

... She didn't have a tray this time, maybe it was being washed and she'd be right back with mine, since I was the one that asked for the refill?... Nope, never got my drink. She disappeared again and didn't return after that except to hand us the check. And my boyfriend is a total whale so he had downed his water practically before she had even set it down, so it's not like I could have taken his... :P

So we paid. I was perturbed by the attitude and service she had given us. Admittedly, we gave her a small tip. $2 (But our total was like $22, so it was just under 10%). I'm normally a very gracious tipper but her attitude and service were not admirable. She's lucky that I left a tip at all.

As we were leaving, she ran to the door and screamed "BYE GUYS, THANKS FOR THE TIP!!!"

... I wanted the yell back that she deserved it but I didn't stoop down to her level.
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