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A local breakfast house suck.

You know how you read about discrimination happening at restaurants? I've read about it, but I'd never experienced it...

It was my wife's payday, so she offered to take me to breakfast. I had heard and read good things about a franchised breakfast house in my city, so I suggested that we try it out. Upon arriving, we see a waiter, a waitress, and a busboy making their rounds. The waiter seats us after waiting for a few moments, and gets our drink order. My wife orders coffee, I order juice. We receive our drinks pretty quickly. My wife asks for cream for her coffee; he says he'll bring it right over. The waiter walks by twice without bringing our cream. I try calling him over, but he keeps on going. My wife, in the meantime, has decided to drink her coffee without cream. Her cup is actually empty at this point.

Our waitress finally arrives a few minutes later, asking what we want. We aren't sure yet because this is a new place, but my wife asks again for cream as well as a refill. I ask for a glass of water. The waitress disappears for several minutes. In the meantime, the waiter has come around with a pot of coffee. He even stops by the table in front of mine, but totally skips over us. My wife's cup remains empty. When the waitress finally comes around to take our order, she leaves and comes back with cream and a pot of coffee. Our waitress takes down our order in a hurry and leaves. She stops by the other tables while she has her pot of coffee, then disappears into the kitchen. Minutes later, the waitress comes out of the kitchen and stops at our table. She took our order down in such a hurry that she forgot to ask us what sides we wanted. She doesn't bring her pad out for this. I ask again for a glass of water before she leaves.

The next time I see the waitress, she has our food. Instead of receiving country potatoes, I received hash browns. My omelet also has no cheese. My wife ordered a chicken-fried steak and it has no gravy on it. She asks the waitress for gravy, and the waitress tells her that there would be an extra charge for a side of gravy. First time this has happened EVER in all the times she's ordered chicken-fried steak. She also asks for a refill on her coffee. The waitress walks off. She then makes her rounds with a pot of coffee, skipping my table. After she's done checking all of the tables, she goes to the back for my wife's gravy. When she brings it over, she quips, "How's the food? Is there anything else I can get for you? ... Do you still want some water?" I just about exploded. My wife said yes, and the waitress quickly brought us water along with our check. By the time my wife had her gravy, her steak was cold.

The waitress never came back around to ask us if we wanted boxes for our food or to make sure we were doing okay, although she made several other stops to talk to and serve other patrons. While she was at the table next to ours, my wife had to practically shove the check at the waitress because she was paying with her credit card. When she brings the receipt back, she leaves before we can ask for a box. We left absolutely no tip.

I'm not entirely sure why the waiter and the waitress were so helpful to everyone else, and not to us. We were the only people in the restaurant who were young, the only ones of color, and probably the only gay ones. I've never been so blatantly ignored and passed over at a restaurant in all of the times we've gone out.

TL;DR - Discrimination at a breakfast house makes dining uncomfortable.
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