Alcina (alcina2) wrote in bad_service,

Odd taxi driver

A few nights ago I left a nightclub about midnight and needed a taxi home. I was in a hurry, as I needed to be up at about 6am for work, so when I got to the taxi rank I pretty much had to take the first cab in line; I didn't have time to wait for another customer to take it and let me get the next one. As it happens, the first taxi was an independant one, which had at least 6 notices emblazoned on its windows and inside it stating that it was fitted with CCTV cameras.

Now, my personal view is that this is an infringement of my privacy. So, as the driver was self employed, and the owner of the cab, and hence responsible for choosing to have CCTV, when we got to my address I informed him that I objected to CCTV, and for that reason I wasn't going to tip him (although of course I paid him the fare) My own view. You may disagree. Fair enough.

Now here's where the bad service starts. I would have understood if he'd told me he objected to my point of view. I'd have acceted it if he'd insulted me for the (in my opinion important) stand I was taking. But what happened next was, in my opinion, very bad service.

The guy laughed in an insultinga nd mocking manner, as if at an idiot, and said to me 'Lady, what are you on? What have you been taking tonight? That's a light' (pointing to something on the roof of the cab that I hadn't noticed which may have been a camera or not, but looked like one)

I replied.' You have a notice here saying that you have CCTV.'

He laughed again, even more unpleasantly, and told me there was no such notice! *boggle*

I should have taken his number, I suppose, but there were no witnesses and I'd been drinking and he was sober...

I suspect actually that he may have come from a religious culture where drinking wasn't acceptable (his appearance suggested it might have been so, but of course one can't judge by appearances!) and hence his attempt to humiliate me.

OH, and lest you think I was too drunk to know what was going on, I saw the same guy in the same taxi with the same notices this morning on the way to work!

This was a taxi at a rank late at night. According to the laws relating to taxis, I have no choice which taxi to take. I must take the first one in the rank. If I don't want to, my only choice is to wait until another person takes the first taxi, and then take the next one. There is no guarantee that the next one will not also infringe my privacy. And at that time of night, people taking the taxi in front of the queue are few.

May I ask a question here? How would you like it if I came to where you are right now and made a film of you, without any safeguards on how I could use it, and kept it for as long as I wanted for whatever purposed I felt like. So how would you fell if I sold iot to your (wife/mother/husband/employer/ child/ other person who yu didn't want to know was out a a Nght Club with (insert here)) last night....

No, thought you wouldn't like it...

I guess the comments posted here show, above all, why it's important I make a stand.
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