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Oh Burger King, I Love Your Cheesy Tots... but...

There is a Burger King across the street and a little ways up from my job. Every weekend when I work, my coworker and I get BK breakfast (and cheesy tots!) I absolutely LOVE this Burger King, they always have excellent service, they're fast and the food is always fresh etc etc. And after doing my long, long time as a McJockey, I am all over a fast food place that is A+.

Until today.

I went to the Drive Thru and ordered:

A number 2 Sausage Egg and Cheese biscuit meal, with a small coke
One Ham, Egg and Cheese Croissant
2 orders of 6 piece cheesy tots.

I pay, get my food, glance in the bag and leave.

(Yes yes, check your food. I usually do, but thats my bad)

I get back to work and I have the sides and coke right, but both sandwiches were Sausage Egg Croissant.

Oh well, my fault for not checking before I left, so I go back.

I go in and show the girl my receipt which is correct, and my sandwiches which were not.

Me: Hi, I just came through the drive through, and my sandwiches were wrong. I got two Sausage Egg croissants, but I ordered this "points to receipt" One HAM egg and cheese crossaint, and one sausage egg and cheese BISCUIT.

Cashier: Um, ok sorry.  (Turns and yells to grill) "I need a ham egg and cheese biscuit".

Me: Excuse me, I needed a sausage egg and cheese biscuit and a ham egg and cheese croissant.

Cashier: Oh ok. (says nothing to grill)

Me: Excuse me?

Cashier: (brings me ham biscuit, one of the original sausage croissants) Here you go.

Me: I'm sorry, I needed one ham croissant and one sausage biscuit.

Cashier: Thats what I gave you.

Me: No.. you gave me the reverse. I need the ham on the croissant and the sausage on a biscuit.

Cashier: (hurls bag of food into waste bin) "I NEED A DAMN HAM BISCUIT AND A SAUSAGE CROISSANT.

Me: "......"

Me: EXCUSE ME, I need the ham on the croissant... and the sausage on the biscuit.

Cashier: (gets manager) I keep making this lady's food and she keeps telling me it's wrong.

Me: "...."

Manager: Can I help you?

Me: (relays the entire freaking situation, explains the RECEIPT is correct and the sandwiches keep NOT being correct and shows it to her)


Me: "....." Um.. I need a Sausage Biscuit and a Ham Croissant.

Manager: Well what do you want me to do?

Me: I just want the sandwiches that I ordered. It is on the receipt.

Manager: "Jesus fucking Christ" Gets food. Bags it. Slams it on the counter. "waste of freaking food" Walks away.

Me: "...."


My order was wrong. I go to get it corrected. They get it wrong another 500 times and get bitchy with me when I keep correcting them.

And yes, I will be calling the 1866 number on my freaking receipt. Yeesh.

Tags: *fast food, as featured on sf_d, disbelieving horde demands proof, mcwank, mod comment, wank
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