drachenfach (drachenfach) wrote in bad_service,

What? Pardon?

Dear Lady in Boots the Chemist

I'm temporarily deaf due to a cold/ear infection/ebola/plague thingy that makes everything sound like it's being played underwater. You know this, because I told you that I couldn't hear you, and that I needed to see your face to follow what you were saying. You apologised profusely, and the conversation continued roughly as followed.

Lady: 'I don't think we stock those so'...bends to have a look under the counter then straightens up.... 'in specially.'

Me: 'I'm sorry, I didn't catch that.'

Lady: 'It's okay, i'll just go and' ...walks off to, I assume, speak to a colleague, then comes back and starts hunting in another cabinet, still talking.

Me: 'Pardon?'

Lady: 'Okay, it looks like I have them in' ...checks something in drawer... 'so which do you think you need?'

And to add insult to injury you then tried to sell me a wrist splint that was two sizes too small and didn't do up over my arm, because 'it's meant to be tight.' I quite like having feeling in my fingers, thanks.

Fuck you muchly

The temporarily deaf chick with the injured wrist
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