caughtincircles (caughtincircles) wrote in bad_service,

Canadian Tire

Ever had a moment where you were so disgusted with the service you asked for a refund on everything and went elsewhere?

Today, I had that moment.

I went into my local Canadian Tire on a time limit, 40 minutes to buy some windshield wipers and get those bad boys installed (I suck at this stuff.. so I wanted extra time).

I got into line with my purchase and was behind a lady with an accent (this is important I promise). She was trying to pay on a company credit card and for some reason they rang it through incorrectly and had to refund and redo it. I was waiting patiently and didn't say anything at all while standing in line so I heard the entire conversation. Finally the cashier hands the customer the receipt to sign, she signs it and the cashier scruntizes it and goes "I can't see your last name on it". Ok? You can't see my last name on my signature either - but apparently the cashier was having none of that and told the woman to sign her "full name". The woman was understandably put off going "But they match! I never sign like that!". "It's company policy ma'am". Yea okay... fine, company policy. The woman said something in closing about having to go through all of this and the cashier snapped "PARDON ME?" before the woman walked away.

That ALONE put me off... keep your trap shut, that was uncalled for and you should have just let the woman leave.

Ooooh how I wish that was the end of it. I push my items up onto the counter and am nice saying hello and smiling. The woman just... glares at me, okay.... asks if I want to donate for a tennis ball - no thank you.

Here's where it gets good! I hand her my credit card. She prints receipt, puts it onto the counter.

THEN PUTS HER HANDS ON IT AND STARTS VENTING ABOUT THE PREVIOUS WOMAN! I'm standing there eyeing my receipt longingly.. just wanting to sign it... she's going on about "Did you SEE they didn't even match! So much attitude, and they wonder why we have so many problems here with fraud, I couldn't even understand her!" (I'll note.. I understood her fine, she did have an accent, but it wasn't that heavy)

I just stood there with my mouth hanging open... lady, I am not your friend. If you want to vent about a customer go nuts - but don't freaking do it to ANOTHER customer.

Finally after a good few minutes of this - she takes a pen and literally SCRAWLS a giant X right through the middle of the line I'm supposed to sign and shoves the receipt at me.. I am just shaking my head at this point, signed it and ran.

I seriously wanted to just go back and be like "you know what? I don't want to give you my business if this is how you treat your customers not only in front of their faces but behind their backs as well".


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