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Walgreens Mail Order - Where Everything Is Impossible.

So I'm currently on the hunt for a name and address of someone at Walgreens corporate that will actually read and possibly respond to a complaint letter regarding their mail order service. (Yes, I've googled and have the main address and phone, I need a particular name) So as I put together my letter of frothing rage, I thought I'd share the fun times with you.

Many moons ago I submitted a prescription to Walgreens Mail order... to keep on file, as I already had a two months supply of the medication on file at my retail Walgreens. I have not needed it until now. Or rather until today. Knowing I'd be out of medication, I called the Mail order place on Monday (it's a controlled substance, so my insurance makes me wait until the very last minute to get refills) and asked to pay the 20.00 extra bucks for fedex overnight delivery. That would give them the requisite 48-72 hours processing time and I would still have my prescription today. Fine! Super! talk to you soon.

Except on Tuesday I noticed that my profile on the website said "pending insurance approval". I called. The first operator I contacted said "your order is pending. Technically we have ten days to process it so I don't need to give you any further information." WHAT? I hung up and called back, to get a different operator (having dealt with their bullshit once before I know that you can get different responses each time you call) After the third try (and getting ready to ask for a supervisor) I was told that my insurance had rejected the claim and I needed to call them. So were they going to let me wait ten full days before telling me that? I called the insurance, got it squared away, called Walgreens who told me that NOW it would take 72 hours. Why? You have to start from the beginning again? Actually, yes, was the answer. OK. However, the operator did tell me she would mark the order CRITICAL, which I can only assume was akin to Chief Wiggum and his invisible typewriter.

When my order still said "pending" on Wednesday, I called to just check on the progress, making sure it would be shipped out AT LEAST on friday? I went through two operators who gave me their "ten days rigamarole" until I got John, who informed me that I'd already picked up the prescription at a local pharmacy! (you know, in case I had done it in my sleep or something). No I haven't, and what are you talking about. This resulted in me having to go to my local walgreens and have THEM call the mail order place to tell them that no, I hadn't done that. My pharmacist there is awesome, and he in fact asked if he could fill the script himself.

This, he was told, was IMPOSSIBLE. Because of some reason they couldn't quite articulate beyond "you just can't". It seems strange to me that two walgreens can not work together to get my script filled.

That ended with the person on the phone telling my pharmacist and I that the script would be sent out THAT night, VIA FEDEX, to my address. THANK GOD!

You can guess the rest. I didn't get it. And when I called yesterday I was told it was "still pending, but they were working on it". At this point I said, cancel the order and send me my prescription back. Can you fed ex it back?

"Oh no no no ma'am, that would be impossible. Only regular mail, and because of processing, we won't mail it back for 48 to 72 hours."

Finally, tired of all this shit and loaded for bear, I asked for a supervisor. Her response to the above tale? "I'm so sorry you had a hard time." The End. Literally. There was silence as I waited for her to say "here's what I can do." or something like that. Nothing. Any chance you could expedite this mailing as some sort of penance, push this through the mysterious 48 hour processing and throw it in a fucking envelope yourself, pop a stamp on it and get it in the nearest mailbox? Or transfer it to my pharmacy since i'm now out of medication. "oh no ma'am. That would be impossible."

"So you can't do anything to help me or expedite this process, and i'll be without medication for a week?"

"Unfortunately ma'am...yes."

Good work. I've left out lot of piddly details because we'd be here for days if I quoted every phone call, but rest was all shitty. My friend used to work at Walgreens Corporate in Deerfield, so I await her reply in getting me a name and email/phone number, because I'm tired of just saying "OK, I understand" and getting the stick from every person I talk to.

ETA: My doctor asked me a couple weeks ago if I would need a new script since he was going to be out of town for a week or so and would not be filling scripts at that I told him I was set, knowing I had sixty pills on file...but i've spoken to him today to see if he can help out</b>
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