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Lowe's is gonna get hit with a wooden spoon.

Go, my grandparent’s stove died little over a month back. Just went kaput one day, like they do. They had someone out to look at it within a couple days, and decided that the cost of getting parts to repair the old thing wasn’t worth it, so off to Lowes they went to buy a new one.
Picked out new stove. Bought new stove. Was told they’d have new stove installed, ten days to two weeks.
So two weeks go by. Meantime, my 83-year-old grandma is cooking for my grandfather, who is pretty much immobilized after breaking his hip, using a camp stove and an old microwave (and she’s Italian, so this is irking the hell out of her, because one DOES NOT cook REAL FOOD in a microwave!! *brandishes wooden spoon*)

So she calls Lowe’s to inquire about the location of her new stove. Guy on the phone tells her, “Well, here we have a delivery date of October 20th.” Which is two more weeks away.
Grandma grabs her wooden spoon and says: no dice, her paperwork says delivery by the 6th of October and she’s not cooking on a camp stove for two more weeks, and by the WAY young man, would YOU like YOUR wife to cook on a camp stove for a month????
Young Man puts her on hold.
Then says he’ll call her back.
Never does.
Today she called and spoke to a girl who said, well, they MIGHT have her stove in stock. But she didn’t know, she she’d have to ask her supervisor.
Puts grandma on hold, never picks up.
Grandma calls back, they tell her they’ll call her back tomorrow with more information.

Needles to say my mother and I are livid, and we’re going to go in there and help raise a stink if they don’t call her back tomorrow by lunch. We might bring the spoon with us. Someone’s gonna get a whupping.

But I do have so much fun watching my Grandma get feisty with people. The older she gets the more ornery she gets. She’s always telling me, “Sweetie, now that I got old I don’t care HOW much noise I have to make.”
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