Indie (ravendrexn) wrote in bad_service,

My Library Woes

This happened a couple days ago on my campus library.

I came in early in the morning to work on some research papers, so that I could get done with all of this crap ahead of time and have some free time for myself (which, for college students, is few and far between). So, I spend a couple of hours typing out my papers and go to print them. Nothing happens. So I check the computer terminal that operates our printers, and it seems to be frozen up. I figure it's a fluke that happened on this floor, so I save my stuff and go down to the third floor and try. Same thing, except the computer terminal for the printer said "System Down".

I decide to go down to the help desk and ask the librarian lady (or whatever they're called here) about it. This is the conversation that followed:

Me: Hey, the printer says the system is down. Do you know when it'll be back up?
Her: Huh.
Me: ... Cause I really need to print something.
Her: The system must be down, then.
Me: ... We've already established that.
Her: I could call technical.
Me: Oh?
Her: But they probably don't know anything.

Long (and pointless) conversation short, she didn't call tech support and I walked back to the computer I was using to find that all of my work had been lost when the computer ate my floppy disc (but that's a complaint for my personal journal, and can't blame the librarian for that).

I don't really expect great service (or help, as this case may be) from the librarian, but she could at least make a little more effort to tell me when the system would be back up and find out from the tech people what they were doing about it.

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