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Precut steak =/= Incompetence

My brother has some problems with fine motor control, it's no big deal he can do most things but it takes him more time and he has trouble with anything too detailed or that requires a steady hand. Yesterday, he and I went to a franchise steak house* - and the sucking began.

He arrived before me, was seated, ordered a beer while he waited. I arrived and joined him. After a few minutes the waitress came to take our order. I ordered for us both, I got a salmon dish and he wanted the rib eye. Because his hands were acting up I asked the waitress to have the steak cut in the kitchen (they've done this before and it's never had a problem).

She brings our food, we eat, she refills our drinks (his beer, my mojito), we eat, she asks about dessert, I say we'll order in a bit. Just as we're finishing our meals I need to use the ladies room so I tell my brother to order me a cheesecake and go. After I finish, I head back to the table and find my brother on his feet arguing with the waitress. Apparently because I'd asked for his steak to be cut and done most of the talking, she'd decided he was mentally handicapped and refused to take his orders. That's when we asked to speak with a manager.

Now I can understand a waitress hesitating to take an order from someone she thinks isn't competent, but she'd seen him arrive before me; she'd taken his drink order; she'd checked his driver's license; she'd served him 3 beers. Him not trusting himself with knives does give her the right to make an assumption like that.
It's funny anyway, I'm always telling him he tips too much. She'd have gotten 30-50% if she'd just let him order my cheesecake.

ETA: We did speak with the manager and he offered to comp the meal. Also, the waitress didn't tell us she thought he was handicapped but we overheard her when she was explaining her side to the manager (she said, "From the way he acted I figured he was too slow to be trusted.")

*(I'm not gonna name them because this suck is a single employee suck not a multiple employee suck or corporate suck.)
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