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Salon situations

Last Saturday I went to a hair salon. I had been there once before, about a year ago, and was very pleased with the service and outcome, even though they are a bit pricey. The girl I have been going to since then had to go out of business, so I thought I would return. My previous person had straightened my outrageously curly hair back in November and I was thrilled with the results - so I wanted to do that again.

When I got to the salon on Saturday, they were pretty skeptical about doing this process. They asked their resident expert and he said it would be fine so we went ahead, but they warned me that they wouldn't guarantee results. I was confident because I thought they were doing the same thing I had last time. Stupid me, of course different salons use differents solutions. My hair ended up looking like a haystack. And the girl who worked on me. Jamie complained several times about how badly the stuff smelled, that was really nice since she reeked of cigarette smoke. She kept saying, "ok, this step lasts 5 minutes. I'll be back in 5 minutes to get you," and then she'd take a 20 minute smoke break! I tried to make conversation with her, after all I was there for 3 hours, and she barely responded to anything I said and spent all of her time trying to talk to her fellow workers, who were busy with their customers. She cut my hair last, because she wanted to see the results of the straightening, and all she did then was trim it. I kid you not. I paid $30 for her to trim my bangs a little, and put 6 different kinds of gunk in my hair. I am not an expert about hair, honestly I just grew it out straight and parted it down the middle my whole life until I graduated college and got a real job where I needed to look nice. I have don't know what my other stylists have done, they just make me look good - that's what I am paying for! I wanted a style that was flattering - but I looked like crap and after 3 hours I just wanted out of there. I paid and left her a minimal tip. I was ready to cry when I got home, but I didn't know what to do. I have never had a bad experience before and I am a shy person.

But, this story may have a happy ending. The owner of the salon called me last night. Someone told her that I hadn't looked very happy when I left, and she actually cared! She asked me how I felt about my experience and I let her have it. She couldn't have been more apologetic, and she offered me free color service (I don't have color in my hair currently, but I wouldn't mind highlights - I have had them there before and they did a great job) a new haircut by their most experienced person. I can't believe it! I'll let you guys know how it goes!

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