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Way to go Honda!

On July 31st I traded in my car for a Honda Civic hybrid. Signed the forms, they told me my first payment would be due in a month and that I would get a statement from Honda financing, etc. I drove away happy with my gas mileage.

August 21st, I haven't received anything about my car, so I call the finance department at the dealership to see what's going on. No one answers, so I leave a voicemail.

3 days and 3 voicemails later, I still haven't heard from anyone, so I call the guy that sold me the car. He takes down my information and tells me he'll "research it and call me back".

August 31st and I still haven't heard anything. I call Honda financial services directly, and they tell me they have no idea who I am. I tell them the whole story, that I bought the car on July 31st, that no one will return my calls, etc. The guy at Honda financial tells me that this happens sometimes because the dealership doesn't send over my contract in a timely manner, gives me his name and direct extension, and tells me to check in occasionally and that he'll waive any late fees should I happen to get them.

Over the next couple of weeks I call the dealership daily, and start calling anyone that will answer. I keep getting the same response, that they're going to "research it and call me back".

Finally, on a Saturday, the only day I'd have time to go in, I go in to the dealership to find out what's going on. Of course, the finance department isn't available and no one else has any idea what's going on, so I leave just feeling more frustrated and confused.

September 21st I call the finance department AGAIN and leave a voicemail that I've had it with the lack of contact, that I'm going to just leave the car in the lot since apparently they don't want my money, and that I plan on contacting anyone I can think of about the horrible service.

Miraculously, I get a call the next day from the finance department! He tells me that he's been calling Honda finance constantly about my contract but that for some reason they've just been sitting on it. He tells me that the dealership will make my first payment for me, and I'll just have to reimburse the dealership for it directly and make the following payments through Honda finance. He promises that he'll give me a call when they need me to come down and make the payment

I wait a couple of weeks. It's now October, and I haven't made a single payment on a car I purchased in July. I call back the finance guy, play the same phone tag game with him, and finally last Friday he calls me back to tell me that my car was funded that Wednesday, that they made my first payment for me so I just need to pay them back, and I'll pay the next payment in a few weeks from Honda finance.

He asks if I can make a payment over the phone, and I tell him I'd rather come in to the dealership and get something signed from them saying I made the payment to them directly (at this point I don't trust them at all). He pushes me to make the payment over the phone, but after I refuse several times he finally relents and tells me to come in this week to make the payment, and that they'll give me a receipt.

So there I am, once again believing that everything has been sorted out. Until this morning, when I get a call from Honda financial asking if I'd like to make a payment on my past-due account. I tell them what I've been told from the dealership, and he tells me that he's not showing that they've ever received a payment from the dealership on my account. Ever. I make the payment with Honda financing so that I'm squared away with them, and the rep I talk to waives my late fee because of all the trouble I've been having. I ask him why I never got a statement from Honda financing about my payments, and he tells me that they don't send statements for the first 3 months, and that the dealership should've told me that in the beginning.

Now I'm furious. I haven't ever made a late payment, and I've been trying to pay this car for 2 months. I call the dealership back and, as expected, get the financing department's voicemail. So I call back and ask to speak to a manager. Of course, I get voicemail. I leave a voicemail about how disappointed I am in the awful service that I've received, that I had better get a call back within the next 24 hours or I'm taking it higher, blah blah blah. Not surprisingly, the guy from the finance department calls me back right away saying that his boss told him I had some questions.

I explain what's happened, and he tries to sound surprised. He tells me that Honda has been sitting on my contract, that it's totally not their fault, and that if I'm all paid up with Honda financing that there's no issue.

I plan on making a call to Honda about this dealership, but at least the mystery is finally solved.
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