Daeg (perthro) wrote in bad_service,

More freaking apartment hell.

The last entry on this... http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/2352719.html

That day, he came over drunk off his ass and wasn't in any condition to listen to anything. That doesn't mean that my guy didn't tell him; but it didn't matter, because we've seen him twice since, and guess what? No repairs. The phone numbers he gave us are both out of order, and he refuses to give us his address, which is not in the phone book, so I can't send him a certified letter.

In the past few days, not only did the air conditioner stop working because another circuit blew, but the electric breaker in the kitchen has been acting up even MORE, and now our dishwasher flooded our apartment from the kitchen to the bedroom when we ran it before going to bed. I spent the past hour cleaning up water. On the second floor. Thank GOD it didn't go one more foot out into the living room where the TV and electrical equipment it! Water + electricity outside our bedroom door, + cats to worry about = BAD NEWS.

And I still can't get ahold of this jerk because apparently no one in the complex has a working number for this guy. Is he too drunk to give us the right number? Possibly. Does he know that he's legally on the hook for repairs? Undoubtedly. Is he probably trying to evade getting served legal notice of these obligations? Likely.

So what the hell do I do now?

EDIT: Ha ha ha ha. Someone I met today has his "old" number from when he lived in NY. The "new" number and address on the lease are invalid because he no longer lives at/owns the property. The "old" number works. He seemed awfully surprised when I called. SUPPOSEDLY he's sending someone tomorrow... but I've heard this before. If the guy shows up, awesome. If not, I'm using your suggestions to find his current res., serving papers, and get someone to fix the stuff myself and taking it out of rent. This is BS, and moving out isn't an option right now- the cheapest apartment I've found so far within five or six miles STARTS at twice the rent we're paying now, covering no utilities; on one job, we wouldn't make it. Not until I find work, which I'm working on. We'll see what happens. ^_^
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