theonlyphyria (theonlyphyria) wrote in bad_service,

Uh... WTF!!!!!!!

Let me set the scene for you.
It's a Saturday night, I've finished work, and my friends want to go out. So into the city we go and we go to a Bar/Club/Whatever-it's-called called "Barry's" in Brunswick (Melbourne).

So then it get's interesting...

So downstairs it's normal, you go in, pay cover charge, there is a bar on the left, fenced in outdoors area for smokers on the right. Head up the hall and there is a cloke and the bathrooms. Then you go through to another bar and a dancefloor.
There is also an upstairs where they have another, smaller bar, "barryoke" and... A CO-ED BATHROOM. 
Seriously, what the hell? I didn't even realise at first, cause you go up to the door and there is a normal toilet sign, with a little picture of a man and a woman with a line between them. When I first went in I assumed that the seperate cubical (where the toilet had NO SEAT and there was NO LOCK on the inside of the door would be for guys, cause they  can kind of stand there, and block the door and still go, and that the pair of cubicals (also with dodgy locks) behind the second door would be for the ladies...
Apparently I was wrong.
Normally I would just call this a WTF and be done with it... Kinda weird to come out to wash your hands and glance to the right and see a guy with his back to you, doing his thing.

But a guy (drunk, of course) came into the bathroom as my friend was leaving it and GROPED HER VAGINA FROM BEHIND HER!
Eventually after the circus that involved talking to the manager, going around with the Bouncers to find the guys, and complaining to management 4 of us were escorted out of the venue and a taxi was called for us.
Even though we didn't say that we wanted to leave, we were hoping to salvage the rest of the night and my boyfriend hadn't arrived yet (he was on his way there) 
I'm sure the manager did the best he could (he did try calling the owner) but offering to help with pressing charges and "1 free drink next time I come there".
How about you put up a warning sign that it's a co-ed bathroom on the door so ladies can make a choice about whether they want to take the risk of using it, or just go downstairs.

*sigh* This post got way more attention then I expected.
So I better clarify it a little.
The unisex bathroom was confusing to more people then just myself. And I think in an enviroment where people tend to drink heavily and it's not a single, locking room then it is inappropriate.
Yes there were other bathrooms, But me and my friends were unaware of them till after the incident. There was no signage on the unisex bathroom to indicate there was another bathroom there.
The dodgy and non-existant locks were the bad service.

NEW!! To add to the bad service.
The manager had promised to call my friend on Monday to make sure she was okay. It is now Tuesday afternoon and he has not called her yet. We are waiting for him to call so we can get the details of they guy sent to our local police station so my freind can make a statement.
Tags: as featured on sf_d, bar/public house, beaaaan! beeaaannnnnn!!!!, crab battle, defensive much?, didn't read the box/sign/instructions, in 2009... and in a hookah bar
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