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see me down to the edge of the wild

Ok, lemme try this.

To whom it may concern:

This evening (Sunday, 10/11/09) I went to Delfino's at University Village with a friend for dinner. We ordered a stuffed pizza with sausage, pepperoni and garlic, and were fully prepared to wait the normal 35 minutes for a stuffed pizza to bake.

Around the 45-minute mark, our waiter approached us. "One of the other guys is new and gave your pizza to that table over there. They started eating it, but we took it back and gave you two slices out of their pizza to fill in the gaps." He held out a pizza pan containing four slices of the pizza we had ordered and two slices of what looked like a deep-dish vegetarian pizza. Further, the four slices of "our" pizza looked like they had been sprinkled with red pepper flakes.

Now, not only did we not order a vegetarian pizza, but I personally can't fathom the idea that it's acceptable to take food from one table - that has had condiments added to it, no less -- and deliver it to another table. We declined the twice-delivered mismatch pizza. "But we'll give you $7 off this one," the waiter said, not seeming to understand the problem. (The normal price of the pizza we had ordered was approximately $20.)

In my opinion, the waiter should have apologized that our pizza was misdelivered and offered us a replacement immediately, rather than trying to get us to eat food that had been in other diners' keeping long enough for them to add pepper to it and serve themselves. Further, the replacement should have been offered at a significant discount, as we had already waited almost an hour for the original pizza and would be waiting another 35 minutes for the replacement. As it was, we had to request this course of action twice before the waiter agreed to it.

As a final note, when the correctly remade pizza was delivered to our table, the waiter scraped some food detritus off one of the plates with his thumb, then nonchalantly placed the dirty plate in front of me anyway.

I would like to see the Delfino's waitstaff properly trained on how to handle errors in food orders/deliveries, as tonight's debacle was extremely disappointing service.

Thank you for your time,

I am so not even kidding.
-They delivered our meat pizza (that we'd been waiting 45 minutes for) to the wrong table.
-The other people somehow missed that our tomato-sauce-covered stuffed meat pizza was not their cheese-covered deep dish veggie pizza and added red pepper flakes to it.
-They served themselves two slices of it.
-Someone noticed the mixup.
-The waiter took the remaining 2/3 of our now-bepeppered pizza off the other table, filled in the missing third with a third of the other folks' veggie pizza, and informed us that was our dinner.
-We had to tell them no, that's not okay with us multiple times before they finally agreed to remake our pizza at a discount.
-And then, when he brought the remade pizza, he scraped food scum off my "fresh" plate with his thumb before putting the plate down in front of me.

Stuff like this has happened before at this restaurant, several years ago, but they've been much better for the last couple of years before tonight. (One night, a couple of friends were there and ordered personal pizzas. They forgot to put in one of the pizzas, and the waitress asked the guy who's pizza she'd forgotten, "Why don't you just eat some of his?" pointing at the other guy. Another night, one of their waitstaff served a spinach pizza instead of the pepperoni that had been ordered and asked "Can't you just pick around it?" But these incidents happened easily four or five years ago.) My kingdom for a non-sucky stuffed pizza joint in the area. :P

Edited to add: And now I'm sort of wondering what he said to the other folks when he took away a third of their pizza. "So, folks, we screwed up and gave you someone else's pizza and you were apparently oblivious enough to dish it up, so we're going to take away a third of your real pizza and give it to them to make up for what you served yourself from theirs." I ... what??

The End Result: My letter to the restaurant manager was returned, with "not accepted at this address" handwritten across the envelope. Classy.
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