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Howdy doo

Ello! I'm new :) Hi.
I've witnessed much sucky service in my short lifetime, but the most recent of which, I'd thought I'd share.

My friend had two gift cards to pay for her bathing suit. I had excused myself for a moment to go to another part of the mall, and when I returned, I had found that Ms. 17-year-old-pierced-tongued-overall-wearing Manager of PacSun had, through a series of impossible-to-comprehend reasons,cut up one of them. Just as I walk into the store, I hear her on the phone saying

"Hey, this is Stephanie from PacSun. That's Stephanie with an S. Um, I just cut up this girls gift card *giggle*...waddo I doooo?"

Her reasoning for cutting up said card was that the rules have changed over the last several years, and she had forgotten you weren't supposed to--under any surcumstances--cut up the cards any more. Woops.
So my friend and I, after perhaps 10-15 minutes of Ms. PacSun trying to explain herself, went down to customer service to get a new card. When we get down there, I take my years of be-impatient-with-morons training and use them.
Me: So...let me get this straight. They stopped using the paper gift cards and started using the pretty shiny plastic ones so life would be easier? Is that right?
CustomerServiceLady: yes, that would be correct.
Me: Irony's a bitch, isn't it? *starts humming ironic*

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