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Old Tim Horton's Suck

This is a suck that happened a couple years ago but it always sticks out to me. I've never had bad service at a Tim Horton's prior to this or after it, so I consider it a random worker suck.

So, it's probably past midnight and several friends and myself decide we are hungry. Being that it's late, we head over to Tim Horton's since they're open 24 hours here. We hop in the car and drive over, pull up to the drive-thru and give our orders. We all ordered different bagels with different specifications but nothing outlandish. Just the basic, toasted with this cream cheese sort of deal. We ordered a couple coffees and four bagels at the most.

So we get to the window to pay and the kid working looks a bit miffed about something. Whatever, I guess I'd be annoyed if I had to work the night shift on a weekend too. I tend to brush those sorts of things off as someone maybe having a bad day. So anyways, he finishes our bagels and as he goes to hand them to us goes:

"If you want this many bagels at this hour, you should probably just go to Tops across the street instead. It's cheaper! They're 6 for 2.50 there." (or something similar, it's been a couple years. And on a funny note, two of my friends in the car worked for Tops and lol'd over him getting the price wrong.)

We were all kinda dumb founded. Probably because we couldn't believe he'd actually said that to customers and so we left without saying anything to him directly. Anyway, as we're driving off we decide the best thing to do is complain in the morning. We did and apparently the manager who answered wasn't really surprised as he's done similar things before. I believe she told my friend who called in the complaint that he was going to be on final warning.

My main beef is that he works for a store that serves breakfast foods and sandwiches. If making a bagel really bothers you that much, then Tim Horton's probably isn't the best career choice for you.

I think the story is funny now but at the time it was pretty annoying.
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