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Oldish bad service, also co-worker suck

I hope this post is ok, it is my first time posting here (i know, no one cares!)
About 3 years ago I was a sales assistant in a health food shop in the UK, my manager was away and the deputy manager 'J' was in charge.

A new delivery had just come in, I was on the tills whilst J was unpacking the delivery and stocking the shelves. Two old ladies came in, they were regulars of mine and were very sweet, both lived in the home for blind and almost blind people that was nearby (this IS relevant).

discussion ensues-

Lady1 brings a bag of prunes to the till, purchases them and leaves.

Lady2 brings identical bag of prunes to the counter and hands them to me.

I notice that there is a live maggot in the bag. I call J over and point it out to him whilst Lady2 is browsing for other products. J says to tell the customer the bag is broken and give her a different bag, I wasn't happy about this but he insists. I manage to get a bag from a different batch just in case. Then I go on break. J sells 3 more of the bags from the original batch before I manage to get them off sale, I check them and they all have maggots in. Meaning that the bag Lady1 bought and the ones J sold have also got maggots in. Lady1 is blind and won't notice.

I told my manager about this and she didn't really care and said J had done the right thing.
not sure if this is more co-worker suck, but him selling those other bags was bad service.
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