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I have chronic pain in my right side. It's been there for almost 7 years, and the doctors _still_ have no idea what it is. So I'm seeing a PM doctor to help.

So Friday my back is hurting kinda like a kidney infection. Having urge to pee, but not peeing a lot. Still painful Saturday, but not too bad.

Then Sunday I wake up and I cannot walk OR sit. My legs were hurting so bad. Almost like if you've been standing a lot, or running without stretching. They hurt like I'd pulled muscles, my whole leg, from top to bottom, but only on the back. Plus. no foot pain.

So finally around 9PM my Mom convinces me to go to the ER. I'm in a ton of pain, can't sit, can't stand, I'm crying. She points out I have amazing insurance and that's what ERs are for. So off I go.

The whole visit was okay, except for the nurse checking me in. He was a complete ass. When he calls me back for vitals he's already acting pissy, but I figured he might be having a bad night. He acts like I'm stupid when I tell him what the problem is, asks twice "Are you done?" when I list my medications (All three of them.) and then states that if I have a PM doctor I need to just leave and call him in the AM.

At this point I'm STILL crying from the pain, so my husband tells him that they HAVE to admit me if I ask (It's this hospitals policy. They don't turn anyone away. You just wait longer, which makes sense.) and I wouldn't be there if I didn't need to be. The guy then says how I was there just over three weeks ago anyways, and my husband points out that the guy could probably see I'd had the flu. Then the guy says how I was there back in April too. Wow. six whole months ago. My husband AGAIN points out that the guy could see why I was there before (Horrible cyst on my vagina. Had to have it lanced. HORRIBLE.) and then my husband walks out and to the desk. Guy huffs that I'll have to wait while they see the people with "real" problems.

He then takes us back, my husband had came right back, and I get to my room. Then I call my mom crying. Yeah, I'm almost 26, but I was in a lot of pain, and my mom had my normal doctor's home number (I lost my cell and didn't have it anymore.) since he has admitting rights and always insists we call him if we have any problems there.

About 20 minutes later some other nurse came in apologizing left and right for the admitting nurse. The new guy, Mark, was extremely professional and nice, and I told him I appreciated him coming down there. Apparently my mom called to complain, and my normal doctor did too. So I guess it was good service turned bad, I would have just rather not had to deal with the jerk at all.

And the hospital said I had a kidney infection. Making my legs hurt? Went back Tuesday night because I was getting worse, and my arms and shoulders were hurting now. This time they said they had no idea what it was, my urine was fine, I am just in horrible pain. My PM doctor also has no idea what it is. I'm mentioning this in case anyone has ever had these symptoms and might have some insight. I see my normal doctor tomorrow, but the ER did all the tests they could, even a horrible flu swab (Up my nose and it started bleeding and OMFG that hurt! ). So yeah...

tl;dr: Rude admitting nurse at Baylor Grapevine ER. Other nurse apologizes, so I guess that was good_service.

EDIT: They thought it might be Fibromyalgia but I'm already on 300mg of Lyrica daily, so they assumed it it was Fibromyalgia that the Lyrica would help it. My normal doctor thinks it's a herniated disk, and prescribed me some steroids. And it's not my gallbladder, they've done TWO HIDA scans. They say I have sludge, even when I do the diets they suggest, so I think I'm going to start leaning on the PM doctor to get it removed. I understand any surgery can take it's toll on the body, but this pain has been constand for 7 years, that can do it too.

Thank you all for the advice, and offers of suggestions! I enjoy the group sessions at the PM clinic. Even though we all might have different chronic pain, it can help so much talking to other people who are going through the same thing as you in regards to jobs, families, relations, accusations, and so forth. :)

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