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Another hour on the phone with tech support before she figured out that my phone was trying to text the names and not the
She said that my log showed number, number number, Angie, Angie, Angie, Jack, Jack, number, Angie, Jack....etc.

She told me to take the numbers out of my contact list and try to text them. It worked. She had me add them back in. Didn't work. Take em out, add them back in withOUT area code. Success!

Only issue is, I had this happen when I tried to text my ex-boss...I can't get around not using her area code because her number is a different area code than mine. I didn't have her number on me to try it (from the phone wipe). I'm going to attempt it. If it doesn't work, I'm packing up the phones, going to the store, going to tell them to cancel my account, take the phones back, open me a new account, and get me 2 new phones so I can make sure the problem doesn't follow me.

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