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Damnit, I just want your delicious pizza!

This is so frustrating.

A new hole-in-the-wall pizza place (Gustavo's) opened up in the town square -- it's close by, it's not processed junk like Pizza Hut, and it tastes amazing. A+

I have gone there five different times since I first purchased a pizza there, and those five times I've been told "Sorrrrrry, we ran outta dough lawl!"

These five different times have been on various days, at various times.

Last weekend I met the manager smokin' it up outside, and was like, "This is the fifth time you've told me you've run out of dough. Please tell me you're gonna buy a new freezer or something."

And he responded: "You've just gotta come at a different time! Come earlier!"

Honestly my love for pizza is not worth this effort. 'Scuse me for feeling so entitled, but I found it unusual for a business to fail so much as to run out of ingredients every. single. time. I. come.

It's sad too, 'cos this is why businesses that have a good product still fail -- if they can't deliver and consistently disappoint, people stop coming. Guess it's back to Digiorno.
Tags: *pizzeria, customers shouldn't get what they want
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