Nightshade (jwrebholz) wrote in bad_service,

This is why I hate dealerships...

This is kind of an old story. This happened in the spring of 1999, as I was looking for a car to replace my dilapidated Dodge Omni. So I went to Wright Pontiac-GMC in Wexford, PA. I told the sleazeball salesman (ugly jacket, slicked-back hair, the whole 27 feet) I was looking for something with a V6 and rear wheel drive and it had to be less than 7 thousand bucks (The only expense I had at the time was my car, so I could easily pay for it with the $6/hour job I had then). The first car they showed me was a '94 Beretta GT. (V6, under 7 grand, but front-wheel-drive) The salesmen tried to tell me it was rear wheel drive (It's a good thing I knew better). Then he showed me a Miata. (barely under 7 grand, rear wheel drive, but a four-cylinder) I'm six feet tall. I don't FIT in a Miata. I barely fit in the Dodge Omni I was driving around. And besides, it's only a four-cylinder and I wanted a V6. The last car he showed me was a truck--a late-model Ram 2500. (Diesel I6, 4 wheel drive, well OVER 7 thousand) I just told him I was getting back in my car and leaving, because he wasn't taking me or my money seriously. He tried to change his tune about then and tried to show me a Mercury Cougar that by what I could tell looked like it'd been run through that one scene with the bus in The Gauntlet. I took one look at that Mercury, got in my car and left.

Just because I was young was no excuse to treat me like that. I wrote a letter to their manager a few days later, but never got a response. I did eventually find a car, but I had to give up on rear-wheel-drive, because I just couldn't find anything that was both cheap enough and in decent condition. (Yeah, I probably could've gone for a cheaper third-generation Camaro or Firebird with a V8, but I was still a young driver and knew I didn't know yet how to handle that much power.

(Incidentally I settled on a '95 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme sedan, and thorougly enjoyed driving that car)
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