Sharay (lady_sharay) wrote in bad_service,

Why do I even bother?

I've got not one, but two bad service stories today.  One at Burger King and the other at McDonald's.

First one was at BK.  My fiance and I decided to go grab food around 11pm the other night.  We go to BK.  We place our order through the drive thru for a 6 piece chicken fry, an original chicken sandwich combo with a sprite and the tendercrisp combo with a mello-yello.  She asks what size sprite and I tell her a small and then she asks what size combo for the tendercrisp.   Small.  She tells us the total and we drive around.  I realize then, that the total is a bit lower than I think it should be.  We pay and because it's late, they have us pull around to the door because they're making us fresh fries.  That's when I look at the receipt.  My original chicken sandwich isn't even on the receipt.  So I'm a little upset because I know I clearly stated what combo number I wanted and my fiance even heard me.  A few minutes later they brought out our food.  I know I should have said something, but I had had a rough day at work (I work at Little Caesars) with grumpy customers and grouchy co-workders, so I didn't say anything, besides, we weren't charged for it.  I think I was more upset that the woman on drive-thru didn't read back the order, nor did it show up on the screen so I could verify that the order was correct.

Second one was at McDonald's last night.  Once again, we're hungry and it's kinda late (10:45ish), so we head to McD's.  We get there and there's no one in the drive-thru.  I pull up to the speaker and the woman on drive-thru asks for our order, I tell her we need a minute to decide and she says to order when we're ready.  (I'm going to add at this time that we were also ordering for our roommate.)  Roommate wants a #2(Dble Quarter Pounder), no onions, and a Dr. Pepper.  Fiance wants a #11(Filet of Fish), no cheese, with a Dr. Pepper.  Just after I decide to get a #13,(New Angus Bacon and Cheese) no onions, the woman comes over the speaker and tells us to pull around to the window to order.  Puzzled, I pull up.  The woman at the window looks surprised to see us there but takes our order.  Turns out they don' t have Dr. Pepper so roommate gets a Sprite, and fiance gets a sweet tea.  I place the orders and because we're at the window I have to repeat myself several times because the woman can't really hear us that well.  (She should have taken the headset off to get our order, but that's just my opinion.)  She repeats the order, I confirm that it's correct and she tells us the total and we pull forward.  A few minutes later, we have our food and are on our way home. 

At home, food is divvied up and I look at the special order ticket attached to my burger.  It says sliced onions only.  Bad feeling.  I open my burger container.  Sure enough my Angus Bacon and Cheese burger is just a plain burger with sliced red onions on it.  Luckily, we have ketchup, mustard and mayo at the house.  So I pick off the onions, and put on ketchup, mustard and mayo.  I'm not angry, just upset.  I was looking forward to trying this burger because I hadn't had it before and my fiance said it was good. 

And just so you guys know, I've not had problems with either of these places before, I think the women at the drive-thru were just having bad nights, but it was just upsetting to not get what I wanted in either case.  I probably should have said something at BK, but was too tired to do so.
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