mandalf0688 (mandalf0688) wrote in bad_service,

AAANnnndd....what do you want me to do in case of an emergency?

So, I dunno if everyone would count this as bad service...but I do.

All around my college campus there are poles with big blue boxes and lights on them. These are the emergency case you are ever getting attacked, or raped...or need emergency assistance.

So, I've been ALL over campus today, walking all around. And more than HALF of these boxes are out of order. Now the kicker....on these out of order phones are signs stating "out of order. Please use phone at X building or call XXX-XXXX"

sooooo.....lets just say I'm walking along, get attacked... and the box is out of order. I am expected to stop, read the number, get out my cell phone and dial this number? then, I will be dead.

And if I run to the phone at X building....that one will be down too.

Nice to know we are being protected and can be helped when we need it.

If i get attacked I'll just call 911 thanks...

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