Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

The Conclusion...or so I thought

Part 1:
Part 2:

When I got home for the evening, I called Verizon Tech Support.

Same schpiel as before. Tech I talked to has never heard of this. Says she'll start by changing my number. Ok. We go through that ordeal and I send a test text to my sister and father-in-law. No go. She does something in her system, has me take the battery out, wait, put it back in. When the phone starts back up, I text my sis and my fil. SUCCESS! They go through no problem.

She says that since the in store techs told me it was my phone, but didn't have my phone and I couldn't get it next day, which resulted in me getting the Alias 2 and getting slapped with a $35 restock fee, she credited my activation fee ($35) back to my account. She said she would have done the restock fee, but she couldn't find it in the system, probably because they made me pay it right then.

Sweet. All is well. I get a few texts from my sis and my fil.

Well..all is well for 30 minutes. I try to send a text to my friend (the one with the issue of it going to the random number)....random number person responds! (Guess I should ask their name..we're becoming pretty friendly due to this ordeal). (Hence the whole "or so I thought". I started to type this out when this happened)

Eff. I text my little sister. Network Error.

What the fuck?! It worked 30 minutes ago!!!


Gonna eat dinner and call back. I'll update after I do. I so need to take pics and upload it so I can show you the craziness.

Edit: Ok. Just spent 45 minutes on the phone with Tier 2 tech support.

One issue was, I wasn't "authenticating" in the system when I tried to send texts.
He took off my text message plan, rebuilt it, added it back. Still didn't work.
He had me take my battery out, he did something on his end, put it back in, still nothing.
He had me do a phone restore. He was going to have me download the back up thing, but I just wanted to get off the phone. I'll manually enter the damn things in to give me something to do at work tomorrow. That seemed to work....for now. I'll give it 30 minutes and test it again.

Edit Again: IT DOESN'T WORK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried it last night before I went to bed, no problems. I get to work this morning, decide to test it out again (and wake up my little sister early because I'm an ass like that) and it doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!

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