Kasatka (kasatka) wrote in bad_service,

Old story, but...

... I still remember this with great bitterness.

I was about 12 at the time, and was eating breakfast one morning when I suddenly got a stabbing pain in my eye. My mom looked and said I had something in it. I looked, and there was clearly something in my eye. We tried washing it out but to no avail. It hurt like crazy, but I was sent off to school and told to ask the school nurse.

The school nurse said there was obviously something in it, but since it wasn't moving when I was blinking and it hadn't washed out already, she didn't want to fool with it. I ended up going home early because of the pain and saw my eye doctor that afternoon.

He took out a microscope and looked at it close up, saying no, we were wrong. It wasn't something in my eye, it was a small triangular cut. He said there wasn't much he could do for it, but if it didn't heal within 24 hours, I was at risk for going blind due to infection. (This is a great thing to tell a 12-year-old.) He told me to come back in 2 days so he could look at it.

The next day my eye was bloodshot and I was in agony. I went back to the eye doctor who took out a microscope AGAIN and said the "cut" was still there. He said he didn't know how to deal with a cut like that. I was sent to the ophthalmologist the next day.

That guy took one look at my eye, no microscope, and said there was something in there. Within minutes he had numbed my eye and removed the piece of metal that was lodged in it. (We had a cottage cheese ceiling with little "glitter" bits, so I suspect one of those fell into my eye.)

It took five minutes to relive me of the pain I had suffered for three days, all because my optometrist was a moron. We told him that it was in fact something in my eye, and not a cut as he had told us, and he just sort of shrugged.

And he had bad garlic breath too. =P
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