Hayley (hayleymabob) wrote in bad_service,

Hungry Jacks bad service

 Firstly, in Australia "Burger King" is named Hungry Jacks.

I recently went back to this restaurant where the bad service I'm about to tell you about happened, and it instantly reminded me of something that happened in my childhood that was bad service.

When I was a kid, my friend and I decided to try trick or treating, even though it's a very unpopular tradition in Australia. After a night of collecting sugary goodness, we decided to stop in at Hungry Jacks for a burger

Firstly, his Mum was driving us around, and waited in the car while we walked in to buy ourselves food.

So we walk in, and there was only two teenage girls working. I'm not sure if a manager was on at the time, but if they were they definitely weren't anywhere in eyesight or earshot.

Next to the counter was a group of teenage boys. Even though I was only 9 or 10, even past childhood naivety I could see that both groups were flirting with each other.

I think for that year I was dressed up as a witch, whilst my friend was dressed up as a zombie. We went all out, we had fake blood and other accessories.

So the two girls don't realise we're there for a while, so we stood there patiently and let them talk to the group of boys. Then one of the boys made a comment about us. The girls see us, and they screech with laughter. After calming down (which took a while) one asked rudely "what do you want?"

I don't remember whether it was I or my friend who replied, but one of us then said "we want to order X"

One of the girls then said something among the lines of "Why should we serve you? You're both such freaks" and then began to burst out with laughter again.

After standing there awkwardly with my friend, the girls kept insulting us "freaks, weirdos, losers etc" and then asked us to leave, because once again we were "freaks, weirdos, losers etc" 

I remember then I burst out crying. It was probably a little wussy of me, but I felt really offended and intimidated. I was only a kid, and two teenage girls and a group of teenage boys were insulting at me AND laughing at me uncontrollably. 

Of course we left after that, but as we were walking out they all laughed at my crying and shouted out a few things (probably 'crybaby' or an even more insulting name for that) before I left.

This is only the watered down version, I'm sure nastier insults and more swearing was involved, but I forgot this even happened until I returned there today, so the conversations are hard to remember.

I'm a little embarrassed posting this, and if this were to happen today I would laugh back at the girls, note the time and date and their name badges and then make an official complaint. But I was only a child, and that's why this is bad service in my books.
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